Maxx Leverage Wrench Extender tools are now available at Tractor Supply Company.


What is a Maxx Leverage wrench extender? It is much like a wrench extender, breaker bar, and wrench extension tool designed to safely allow for maximum leverage. Do you have a stubborn bolt that you can’t loosen with your wrench alone? Maxx Leverage wrench extender tools can help by giving you extra leverage. How do they work? The add additional length to the end of your wrench so you can apply more force to the end of the wrench. You can Quickly tame any stubborn bolt, rusty screw, and over-tightened lug in no time. These tools are designed to reach confined space, otherwise inaccessible by standard wrenches. Are you working with a tight angle? Our tool design allows for 2 angles of wrench attachment – parallel and 30 degrees to get your wrench into the tightest spaces.


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