Maxx Leverage Stainless Steel Wrench Extender Lever / Cheater Bar Set (Combo Pack of 9.5" and 16")

Maxx Leverage


These tools are also known as wrench extensions, breaker bars, or a tight reach wrench torque amplifiers. Our simple yet powerful 9.5" wrench extender / cheater bar paired with an even tougher 16" version will provide you with the flexibility and freedom to tackle any job. Our unique tool design allows for 2 angles of wrench attachment - parallel and 30 degrees to get your wrench into the tightest spaces.

Not sure what size you need, please refer to the sizing chart:

  • 9.5 fits up to 7/8 wrench
  • 16 fits up to 1 1/8 wrench
  • 24 inch fits 1 5/8 wrench

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