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Maxx Leverage was founded by Shane Mulligan, a veteran and seasoned entrepreneur, in 2012. Since then he has been an innovator in the wrench extension business. Being a veteran owned company, the Maxx Leverage tools are being shipped to Afghanistan to the marines special forces. From 2017 he has expanded his brand to include Roofing and Construction.

Maxx Leverage has always been concerned with tool safety. Mechanic shops, industrial operations, and the construction industry try to prevent accidents at all costs. When a cheater bar, double wrench, or pipe slips off the tool at full force, people get hurt. They also put too much force on the weakest parts of the tool they are being used on. Flying debris from damaged or snapping tools can be just as dangerous. All our wrench extenders meet the safety standards to provide you maximum leverage while keeping its operator safe and secure while using our tools. We are constantly doing research and development to make our existing tools better stronger and safer as well as developing innovative tools to support the future needs of its users.