5 Types of wrenches and their uses

Most Useful 5 Types of Wrenches

July 12, 2019

Wrenches comes in different types and here we are looking at 5 different types of wrenches and their uses.


1) Open-end wrench




This wrench is designed to fit bolts of the same dimension at both U-shaped ends and can be used with many different bolt sizes. Generally, the opening grips the two opposite faces of the bolt. This design makes it a popular wrench and is suitable for both left and right handed users. The compact design makes it easier to carry and work in cramped spaces.


2) Box-end wrench




As the name suggests, box-end wrenches have enclosed openings to grip the bolt face and fits square or hexagon nuts. It can have the same or different size openings at both ends. Unlike open-end wrenches, box-end wrenches grip nuts to prevent slipping.


3) Combination wrench




This is the most common wrench. One side has an open-end and the other has a box-end, making it a convenient two-in-one wrench. When people refer to wrenches, they usually mean combination wrenches due to multiple features and ease of use. Generally, the closed end and the open-end fit bolts of the same size.


4) Lug Wrench




Also called a wheel brace or socket wrench, a lug wrench is used to loosen lug nuts on car wheels. It comes in 2 configurations: a double ended L-shape or a 4 ended X-shape. An X-shape, or spider wrench, can accommodate different sized lug nuts at each end.


5) Adjustable wrench




Also referred to as a crescent wrench, this is an adjustable wrench with one open-end that can be used to accommodate nuts and bolts of various sizes on the fly. Unfortunately, too much leverage can cause it to lose its grip and slip off.

So, these are the 5 useful types of wrenches commonly used. 

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