Introducing Our Exclusive 24-inch Wrench Extender and Value for Money Combo Packs

Introducing Our Exclusive 24-inch Wrench Extender and Value for Money Combo Packs

May 14, 2019

At Max Leverage, we are committed to providing wrench extension tools that empower you to do more with less time.

This is the same reason, we want to introduce our all-powerful 24-inch wrench extender, designed to get all your job done in less time and a collection of value for money combo packs that suits the wrenching needs of professionals like you who wants more freedom and flexibility.

Wrench Extension Pro Pack

Our 24-inch wrench extender is designed to provide you all round wrenching needs, while our combo pack stands out with its flexibility and freedom it guarantees with its unmatching accessibility and suits well for home and professional use. Both in the times when you need maximum torque and also when you want to reach places otherwise inaccessible to ordinary wrenches.

Wrench Extension Tool

All our tools are designed to allow 2 angles of wrench attachment - parallel and 30 degrees to get your wrenches right.

Our maximum value combo packs include a 9.5 inch,16-inch, and an ultimate 24-inch wrench extender. Our combo packs provide you with all the value at a very less cost and come with a superior packing. To make the combo pack accessible to all, we are providing our tools at a very competitive price tag, that can be unmatched by any competitor.

Combo pack size chart:

  • 9.5-inch that fits up to 7/8 wrench
  • 16-inch fits up to 1 1/8 wrench
  • 24 inch fits 1 5/8 wrench

wrench extension bar

Since we are committed to providing ultimate customer satisfaction, we also provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our wrench extension tools, to give you the utmost peace of mind while working on all your projects. Our 24-inch wrench extender and combo packs are available exclusively from our online store.

If you are looking for wrench extenders that suits your wrenching needs, look no further, our combo packs are designed to provide just that at a very affordable price. Grab our exclusive wrench extenders today. 

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