Top 2 uses of a Wrench Extender

1) Wrench extenders for your cars




Are you getting dirty opening the hood of your car while trying to do some work by yourself ? There are many a times you will need a wrench extender to pull out those rusty screws or over-tightened bolts. No matter how much force you give with your wrench, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. You absolutely need an extender when your wrench is to short to reach that bolt or screw which is buried deep down in that cramped engine compartment.

Are you doing an oil change? You can use the wrench extender to loosen the oil drain bolt. If you can do this yourself, you can save an expensive trip to the oil change shop. Want to learn more about changing the oil in your own car? ? Check out this :

You may also want to replace the brakes in your car with new rotors, pads, and all. The bolts holding the caliper bracket for most cars have very little clearance for a wrench . Using the wrench extender, the job becomes easy and fun.


2) Wrench extenders for your motorcycles






Need to loosen up the really tight nuts and bolts on your motorcycle and wish you had more leverage on your wrench ? Thinking about double wrenching? Go for an extender rather than coupling the wrench with another one. Double wrenching is extremely dangerous. Wrenches are not shaped or designed to be used this way. When they slip, and they will eventually slip, the result in seriously skinned knuckles, broken fingers, or worse!
You may find a wrench extender especially helpful when you want to change your shift rods or tie rods. There are usually in a really tough place that leaves little room and even less reach for you wrench. But wait, why worry when you have a wrench extender in your tool box?

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